Maze City: A Cyberpunk Lost and Found Centre

Get lost and duel

Maze City: A Cyberpunk Lost and Found Centre is a game that simulates the life of a wage slave in a lost and found centre of the future cyberpunk city.

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Supporting Languages

  • 中文(简/繁)√ available
  • English → not yet available
  • 日本語 → not yet available

Game Play

Go experience life and seek the truth by chatting, returning lost items, trading and playing card games.

Feature – Day Job

– Getting to know everything about the future city via conversations with visitors.

– Return lost items, get the job done, earn credit points, pay bills in time, just like a real wage slave in this future world.

Feature – Night Life

– The card game is your only entertainment! Battle with different duelists to earn extra credit points and information!

– Your day-job and card game results might decide the destiny of yourself and this Maze City, please fight!

Game World

Maze City is a private-owned future city with social polarization.
Playing as a newly assigned officer at a lost and found centre in this city, you will be able to help citizens to find what they had lost.

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